Who Is Roger Montoya

Roger is a renowned hairstylist and seasoned colorist. He is known for his British power blonde, sexy long invisible layers, bobs, and clean men’s cuts. Roger has a natural God given talent that can’t be learned. He trained under the iconic Jose Eber and Hollywood super stylist Byron Williams.

When Roger was assisting he had the pleasure of working with celebrities Rachel Zoe, Nicole Richie, and Lindsay Lohan. Roger is a former educator for one of his favorite hair care lines, Alterna. He has taken lots of time perfecting his craft with keeping up on the latest trends by taking continued education classes.

Roger’s clients, men and women, really love his different approach to hair color and attention to detail with his cutting. Roger also does stunning extensions and is one of the very few people to do Japanese straightening. All of Roger's work is based on his love of having a lived in feel. Over a decade into his career he still has the same excitement that he has always had. His true passion goes beyond hair and intersects with his desire of being a day maker . Roger feels we are all beautiful and that his job is to enhance it to the next level of beauty.